MIXED MEDIA WORKS on paper: Drawing, Painting, Collage
Representations of the female figure typically perform on the various stages I imagine for them. Cocooned within their own private universes, their expressions reveal little about their actual inner selves.

At the center of many of my large-scale, mixed media pieces in THE FEMININE DIVINE, are powerful female figures surrounded by nature. In “Arise/The Gathering Storm” a woman of foreign origin tests the waters, while waves break in the distance.  In “Intuitions of the Spirit” a madonna-faced woman with trees in her hair, embraces her own spirit, as planetary symbols orbit about, encircling cosmic and earthly elements.  And in “Eve’s Garden”, a woman of universal ethnicity cradles a tree to her bosom, shielding a decaying world of insects and animals within her ample skirt.  Legible up close, hummingbirds whisper the Indian Cree Prophecy:        
                  “Only when the last tree has been cut,
                  And the last river has been poisoned,
                  And the last fish has been caught,
                  Will we realize that we cannot eat money.”

Orbiting the peripheral spaces of all the work, reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts, a complex planetary arrangement of fanciful ephemera from birds to insects, to flora and fauna, enigmatically suggest an extension of the central figures’ intricate, emotional worlds.