Drawing, painting, collage on paper and book board.

At the center of many of my large-scale, mixed media pieces in  THE FEMININE DIVINE, are powerful female figures surrounded by nature. In “Arise/The Gathering Storm” a woman of foreign origin tests the waters, while waves break in the distance. In “Intuitions of the Spirit” a madonna-faced woman with trees in her hair, embraces her own spirit, as planetary symbols orbit about, encircling cosmic and earthly elements.  And in “Eve’s Garden”, a woman of universal ethnicity cradles a tree to her bosom, shielding insects and animals within her ample skirt.  Legible up close, hummingbirds whisper the Indian Cree Prophecy:        
                  “Only when the last tree has been cut,
                  And the last river has been poisoned,
                  And the last fish has been caught,
                  Will we realize that we cannot eat money.”